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Imagine having the power to shape, renew and heal with our very own home swim spa. With swim spas by Inter-Spas, that power can be yours. We manufacture a full product line of portable home swim spas, each one specifically designed to promote total wellness of the mind, body, and spirit through advanced hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise.

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Let our swim spas provide you with the total fitness and ultimate swimming privacy that only a home swim spa can offer. Experience true rejunification. Call us today about our home swim spas to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.
Rivanna Swim Spa: $17,999 Was $32,995
The Inter-Spas Rivanna is a premium midsize swim spa. Now you can go for a swim, do rows, jog in place, and then relax all without ever getting out of the spa! The Rivanna is equipped with six adjustable endless swim jets...
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Courtland Fitness Spa: $8,699 Was $14,995
Designed around fitness, the Inter-Spas Courtland allows you to swim against current, jog in place, or engage in a variety of aquatic resistance exercises. The molded entry steps double as an aquatic...
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Brunswick Swim Spa: $24,999 Was $39,995
The Inter-Spas Brunswick swim spa is two spas in one. This swim spa features a full size spa separate from the swim spa. This exercise swim spa is unique in that it is dual-temperature. In other words, the hot tub end and the swimming spa end are two isolated bodies of water...
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