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Make a splash in a 2 to 6 Person Hot Tub

Let's imagine for a moment that the Inter-Spas portable spa showroom is set up like your local ice cream parlor, with all your favorite flavors and toppings to choose from.

The great thing about building an ice cream sundae is that, no matter what choices you make, it's inevitably going to taste delicious.

With Inter-Spas, the process is similar. To start, we offer a broad range of portable spa sizes ranging from 2 person to 6 person hot tubs, and even getting big enough to seat up to 12. Added to our vast size selections we have plenty of colors and pump configurations that will also allow you to mastermind the creation of your hot tub spa. Next, top your hot tub off with some innovative features - perhaps an iPod-controlled hot tub stereo or a high-density portable spa lighting package. It's all up to you. Lastly, we'll build your hot tub to the quality standards of our master builders, guaranteed for a lifetime of dependable use. Let's get started!
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The Vienna is a 2 person hot tub sizes also go up to 6 person hot tub

2-3 Person Hot Tub Spas

Featured Hot Tubs:
Vienna LX, Franklin
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2 to 3 person hot tub spas.
4 to 6 person hot tubs are also available as a 6 person hot tub

4-6 Person Hot Tub Spas

Featured Hot Tubs:
Chesapeake & Alexandria
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4 to 6 Person Hot Tub Spas.
6 person hot tub spas and portable spas

6+ Person Hot Tub Spas

Featured Hot Tubs:
Monticello LX, Savannah LX, Emporia
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6+ person hot tub spas.