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Inter-Spas Hot Tub Accessories

Whether your hot tub is brand new or you have been enjoying it for years, we have the perfect accessories to make your spa experience even more enjoyable. Please take a moment to browse our hot tub accessories. Please feel free to contact us at any time to place an order or simply to ask a question.

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UL Listed Safety Cover:

$500 When Sold Separately

Since your hot tub may be enjoyed all year long with water temperatures that range from 80-105 degrees, it is likely you will want to keep the spa covered to maximize efficiency. Our UL Listed, locking black thermal cover has been designed to keep the heat in and the problems out. Capable of supporting the weight of an eighty pound child or animal, our safety cover is a necessary hot tub accessory that will protect you and your investment for a long time.
Hot tub accessories, Spa treatment and conditioner

Eco-One Water treatment & Conditioner:

$150 When Sold Separately

Are you tired of checking the chlorine level and PH balance of your spa every day? Do you hate smelling like a pool when you get out of the hot tub? Eco-One uses all natural enzymes to aid in maintaining the clarity of the water in your spa. Just one bottle once per month can reduce 80%-90% of all chemicals in your spa. Sign up for free hot tub chemicals with the purchase of any hot tub or swim spa on!
Hot tub accessories, Hot tub synthetic steps

Synthetic Hot Tub Step(s):

$150 When Sold Separately

We have the perfect all weather entry step to assist you with climbing in or out of your spa. Our two tier portable step is conveniently UPS (able) and a cost efficient way to help you step up into those taller spas. Weighing in at under ten pounds, this handy step is easy to move to any side of the spa to gain easy entry.
Hot tub accessories, Spa treatment and conditioner

Cover Lifter:

$250 When Sold Separately

Our cover lifts are designed to aid in the removal and installation of the spas thermal cover. Not only does this item make handling that bulky cover a breeze, but it also provides a convenient location to store the cover while the spa is in use. This product will fit any spa, up to 96 in width and will work with any style of cover that folds in half.