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The Augusta LX Swim Spa

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14'6" x 7'6" x 4'5"
3 Pumps / 47 Jets
$17,699 MSRP $34,995
Year end pricing valid through 1/1/19
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Product Description: Augusta LX Swim Spa

The Inter-Spas Augusta LX is a premium full-sized swim spa that combines the luxury benfits of a hot tub with the exercise benefits of a swim spa. Feel the power of water exercise while you go for a swim, do rows, jog in place, and more. Then you can relax and massage you muscles on the hot tub end of the unit, all without ever getting out of the spa. For swimming, the Augusta LX features a large swimming lane which provides plenty of room for most any swimmer, and any sort of swim stroke that swimmer may desire. Adjustable current allows the swimmer to do warm up exercises or light cardio. Swimmers can also incorporate the stainless steel grab bar for flutter kicks and other types of warm up. Then, when its time to rev it up, turn on the swim current full blast to feel the true power of water backed by 3 dedicated (430 GPM) viper swim pumps.

On the "hot tub" side, enjoy the upright lounge which provides therapy from head to toe while still leaving room for 4-5 more people comfortably. Sporting over 40 jets, and ergonomic seating, the hot tub side of the Augusta LX is sure to entertain friends and family with ease.

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Swim Spa Features

  • View optional aquatic exercise equipment
  • Comfortable seating for 6-7 Adults(Spa Side)
  • 41 customizable, adjustable jets(Spa Side)
  • 6 Variable Flow Swim Jets
  • Large swimming lane
  • Optional HOCD Plasma Gap Ozonator
  • Mood-enhancing LED lighting
  • 4 Back-lit fountain jets
  • Economy Swim Spa cover included.

Swim Spa Specifications

14'6" x 7'6" x 4'5"
Dry Weight
1,750 gallons
240v; 50 amp
3 Viper swim pumps (430 GPM)
Single (50 sq. ft)
*Shown with optional equipment

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