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Swim Spas For Sale 7k and Up

At Inter-Spas, we have a wide range of swim spas for sale online.

In this section, we have on display all of our swim spas for sale above 7k. We hope this helps you find the best swim spa price to fit your budget.

If you have questions about our swim spas for sale, feel free to email us or call our sales team at 1-877-SPA-7817.

Chancellor Hot Tub For Sale:

$7,999 Was $13,995
The Chancellor 12 person hot tub is not a swim spa, but it's just as large with a seating capacity to fit up to 12 people. It comes with 43 interchangeable jets, two jet pumps, LED lighting, optional aqua marine stereo...
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Courtland Swim Spa For Sale:

$8,699 Was $14,995
Designed around fitness, the Inter-Spas Courtland allows you to swim against current, jog in place, or engage in a variety of aquatic resistance exercises. The molded entry steps double as an aquatic...
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Rivanna Swim Spa For Sale:

$17,999 Was $32,995
The Inter-Spas Rivanna is a premium midsize swim spa. Now you can go for a swim, do rows, jog in place, and then relax all without ever getting out of the spa! The Rivanna is equipped with six adjustable endless swim jets...
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Brunswick Swim Spa For Sale:

$24,999 Was $39,995
The Inter-Spas Brunswick swim spa is two spas in one. This swim spa features a full size spa separate from the swim spa. This exercise swim spa is unique in that it is dual-temperature. In other words, the hot tub end and the swimming spa end are two isolated bodies of water...
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