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A 6 person spa is the most spacious and most popular hot tub size.

Fitting up to 7 people, Inter-Spas 6 person spas have room to accommodate friends and family with ease. Call today to take advantage of the best prices on a new 6 person spa today.
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Monticello LX: 6 Person Spa:

$5,799 MSRP $13,995
Packed with 62 hydrotherapy jets and loaded with hydromassage horse power, the Monticello 6 person spa is the a premium 6 person lounger with, neck and shoulder....
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Monticello 6 Person Spa:

$5,299 MSRP $12,995
Loaded with features and plenty of room for 6, the Monticello 6 person spa has a hybrid bench and lounge design. Two jet pumps power the 67 massage jets...
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Luray 6 Person Spa:

$3,999 MSRP $8,995
Special discount: Save $400 more while in stock!
With 38 hydrotherapy jets, and an aggressive price point inlcuded, the Luray 6 person spa is hard to beat...
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Savannah LX 6 Person Spa:

$5,699 MSRP $13,995
The Savannah LX hot tub offers customizable hydrotherapy jets, dual jet pumps, dual neck and shoulder therapy collars, and a modified lounge seat all packed in to a 7x7 frame...
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Emporia 6 Person Spa:

$5,499 MSRP $13,995
With a full body lounge and 6 person spa seating, the Emporia has something for everyone in the family. Precisely placed jet clusters target specific muscle groups as you move throughout the spa, while LED lights and a dancing water fountain...
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