4-person hot tub
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Choose a 4-person hot tub that seats up to 6

An Inter-Spa 4-person hot tub can fit both a medium sized crowd of 4, or a larger crowd as a 6 person hot tub.

All Inter-Spas molds are designed to be compact, and although they're considered 4-person hot tubs, these spas can pull their weight. Call us today to learn more about how you can own a roomy, spacious, and comfortable 4-person hot tub.
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Chesapeake 4-person hot tub:

$4,999 MSRP $9,995
Largely touted as our most comfortable spa, the Chesapeake 4-person hot tub can accommodate up to 6 hot tub bathers with ease. You'll immediately notice the steep, dramatic body lines of the lounger, which is intended to lower your center of gravity...
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Alexandria 4 Person Hot Tub:

$4,749 MSRP $7,995
The Alexandria is a 3 person hot tub that can easily seat 4. It sports 30 interchangeable jets, quad head cushions, and two powerhouse pumps. In addition, the Alexanria features a hydromassage volcano dome foot jet for ultimate hydrotherapy comfort...
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Franconia 4 Person Hot Tub:

$4,999 MSRP $9,495
A few years back, one of our repeat customers remarked that a frequent topic of debate between he and his wife was who got to use the lounger in their Inter-Spa. They asked us if we might consider a spa with dual loungers and thus, the Franconia was born...
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