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Spa Prices From 3k to 5k

At Inter-Spas, hot tubs are for sale at a wide range of price points.

In this section, we have on display our spa prices from 3k-5k. We hope this helps you find the best Inter-Spa prices to fit your budget.

If you have detailed questions about any spa prices, or if you would like to talk to us in more detail, feel free to email us or call 1-877-SPA-5817.

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The Monticello Hot Tub For Sale:

$4,999 Was $12,995
Packed with 67 hydrotherapy jets and loaded with hydromassage horse power, the Monticello is the quintessential hot tub spa lounger. Two jet pumps power the 67 massage jets...
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Franconia Spa Price:
$4,999 Was $9,495

A few years back, one of our repeat customers remarked that a frequent topic of debate between he and his wife was who got to use the lounger in their interSpa. They asked us if we might consider a spa with dual loungers and thus, the Franconia was born...
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Alexandria Spa Price:
$4,749 Was $7,995

The Alexandria is a 4 person hot tub that sports 30 interchangeable jets, quad head cushions, and two powerhouse pumps. In addition, the Alexanria features a hydromassage volcano dome foot jet for ultimate hydrotherapy comfort...
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Chesapeake Spa Price:

$4,999 Was $9995
Largely touted as our most comfortable spa, the Chesapeake can accommodate up to 6 hot tub bathers with ease. You'll immediately notice the steep, dramatic body lines of the lounger, which is intended to lower your center of gravity...
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Vienna Spa Price:
$3,999 Was $6,995

If you desire all the great features of a large portable spa but simply lack the space, then our Vienna would make a great choice for you! Packed with jets and employing some of the best-looking...
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