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If you're in the market for a 2 person hot tub, you're in the right place. We have two different models to suit your needs.

If you plan on installing your new 2 person hot tub indoors, our 120 volt wiriing makes installation a breeze. Just fill up your 2 person hot tub, plug it in to a standard wall socket, and enjoy!
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The Franklin 2 Person Hot Tub:

$2,999 Was $6,395
Don't be deceived by its compact stature - the Franklin two person hot tub really kicks! Powered by a standard 120V outlet, the Franklin requires no custom electrical wiring to power its 18 thumping jets...
Read more about the Franklin 2 person hot tub.

The Vienna LX 2 Person Hot Tub:

$3,999 Was $6,995
Special discount: Save $400 more while in stock!
If you desire all the great features of a large portable spa but simply lack the space, then our Vienna LX two person hot tub would make a great choice for you! Packed with jets and employing some of the best-looking... Read more about the Vienna LX 2 person hot tub.