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Reflect-X Energy Shield Insulation

Inter Spas engineers use the latest in thermal technology to create ReflectX energy saving insulation. This thermal mylar material is used internally to line the walls and bottom of the spa, and recycles free heat from the spa equipment and components. This is done so by reflecting the thermal energy back in to the spa for more efficient heating. This technology is a must have especially in colder moths or more severe climates.

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The ReflectX process maximizes thermal retention and decreases up to 32% of the kilowatt-hours used when heating the spa when compared to traditional, full foam hot tub insulation. This is thanks in part to the spa being COMPLETELY wrapped with ReflectX, including the bottom, not just the sides like other spas.

ReflectX is ground breaking in spa efficiency, but our engineers deemed this technology alone insufficient for severe climates. That’s why we’ve added pan sealed ABS bottoms to all Inter Spas. This unique feature completely seals the air cavity in your spa making it impossible for energy to escape.

Buyer Beware: Most manufacturers claim they have sealed bottoms, but what’s actually used is a thin sheet of ABS plastic stapled to the bottom, not sealed. This method leaves the kick plate and frame exposed to the elements, and worse, lets thermal energy escape between the cracks.

Only Inter Spas RelectX with a pan-sealed bottom completely seals your spa making it air tight. This is a key element in the Reflect-X energy saver. No heat is lost. All energy is recycled back in to the water. Happy hot tub, Happy you!