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Quality Construction and Manufacturing

Inter Spas hot tubs and swim spas are 100% made in America. We take pride in the fact that even the components of our spas are American made. Our spas are built to last... the American way. View our warranty. It speaks for itself. Read below for more info about our quality construction, and manufacturing.
Pressure Treated Frame: What happens to plastic in extreme temperatures…especially cold? Remember the sound Rice Krispies make when you cover them with milk? We build our spas to last, and we use only the finest quality pressure treated lumber in our frame construction. Our quality constructed frame and structure is warrantied for 10 years. No plastic. No snap, crackle… well you get it now.
Sprayed Fiberglass Shell: At Inter Spas, we know fiberglass. We spray it ourselves! Are you familiar with the term “sprayed fiberglass”? Well, it's the best, and let us tell you why. The alternative method to sprayed fiberglass uses resin and hand rolled glass, which can result in imperfections in structure. At Inter Spas, we settle for nothing less than perfect, and when it comes to fiberglass, we don’t use our hands. We go the extra mile, and spray it on, and not just a minimal amount either. We spray on three separate layers! The result is structural integrity worthy of a 10-year warranty, and durable enough to withstand the elements, no matter where you live.
Pan Sealed Bottom: All Inter Spas hot tubs are pan sealed. A pan seal means we take the sealing process a step further. We do not simply staple a sheet of plastic to the bottom and call it done. We actually mold an ABS plastic in our oven to custom fit the bottom of each Inter Spa. This pan Seal connects directly to the side panels; completely covering the kick plate. This method makes an airtight seal, leaves no area of the frame exposed to the elements, and most importantly, helps keep the heat in the spa where it belongs.
ReflectX Energy Saver Insulation: Inter Spas designers use the latest in thermal technology to create ReflectX energy saving insulation. This thermal mylar material is used internally to line the walls and bottom of the spa. The ReflectX recycles free heat from the spa equipment and components by reflecting the energy back in to the spa for more efficient heating. This technology is a must have, especially in colder moths, or more severe climates.
Balboa Controls – We settle for nothing short of the best, and Balboa controls are the American made heavyweight champion of the world. Balboa custom designs our control packs and panels to work seamlessly with all electronics and plumbing aboard including energy saving modes, custom filter cycles, and more. Plus, you cant go wrong with a name like Balboa. I mean Rocky had how many movies?… 5? Don’t mess with a name like Balboa, it packs a punch! Ok, hot tubs are supposed to be fun right? We hope you don’t mind our dry humor. We spend a lot of time talking about water here. It doesn’t hurt to be dry little dry from time to time.
Free Flow Plumbing: Inter Spas free flow plumbing maximizes the pressure through out the spa by dedicating a water line to each jet using a multiple manifold water system which creates the most efficient flow, and the highest pressure where you need it most. The pressure is adjustable at each jet allowing Inter Spa users to customize pressure for different parts of the body on the fly, but in an Inter Spa, you don’t fly, you float, and you feel amazing doing it!
Zoned Pressure: Have you ever used a hot tub with giant knobs on the side of it? What are they for anyway? In conventional hot tubs with smaller, regular sized pumps, the “giant knobs” are used to divert pressure from one seat to another. At Inter Spas, we don’t think it’s fair to fight over who gets the pressure. Our solution is zoned pressure. One pump dedicated to each side. No diverter valves. No unhappy spa goers, and plenty of pressure for all.
Jumbo Sized Pumps: As you’ve read, Inter Spas uses free flow plumbing with no obstructions and dedicated zoned pressure. This is all designed to make jumbo sized pumps possible. Without the right plumbing/manifold system, jumbo-sized pumps can be a huge waste of energy. Our plumbing systems make larger jumbo sized pumps possible. How jumbo are the pumps? They output 240 GPM in our hot tubs, and 440 GPM in our swim spas. (GPM stands for gallons per minute for those who don’t know.) Now that you know, picture our premium spas with two jumbo-sized pumps. That’s a lot of water, in not a whole lot of time! Remember our free flow plumbing system allows you to adjust the pressure at each jet. 100% pressure will not let you down if deep tissue is what you’re after!
500 Lumen LED Processor: Ever heard the term LED bulbs last forever? Well it’s true, or at least darn close to true. LED blubs are not only durable, but with our 500 lumen 10 setting LED accent lighting they can sure light up the night!
Easy Access Panel: Unlike other manufacturers, we make access easy. Some spas have equipment and components spread throughout the entire spa. At Inter Spas we place all equipment and components directly below the keypad making for only the easiest access at only one panel.
Ergonomic Seating: To achieve true ergonomics, its important to think about not only WHO… but also WHAT is crafting it. At Inter Spas we use molds designed by hand, not by robot. Which one do you think is more comfortable? Our hand crafted (anti-robot) ergonomics, are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically satisfying, and versatile enough to hit your sweet spot no matter your size, shape, age, or hydrotherapy goals. Try getting a robot to do all of that!