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Hydrotherapy Jets

Each and every Inter-Spa is manufactured with the best hydromassage features and options available to the industry. We offer several different styles of hydromassage jets in every model. These different styles will allow you to customize your experience and adjust the hydrotherapy of any chair. You will always have the ability to enjoy each and every soak customizing your hydrotherapy jets just the way you like them. Below are some of our most popular hydrotherapy jets:
Hydrotherapy spas by Inter-Spas are loaded with  hydrotherapy jets This  hydrotherapy jet is used in most of our hydrotherapy spas.

The Double Rotational Typhoon Hydrotherapy Jet
is one of our most popular jets. The spinning hydrotherapy jet nozzles direct the water and air in a circular motion.

The result is a pulsating sensation and a deep tissue hydromassage. The rotossage typhoon jet also allows the user to adjust the amount of water flow from the nozzle with a turn of the face plate. All of our spas are built with several Rotossage Typhoon Jets in various sizes.
Move your mouse over this picture to view a larger image of hydrotherapy jets The Directional Typhoon Jet by Inter-Spas is one of our best  hydrotherapy jets

The Directional Typhoon Hydrotherapy Jet, also fully adjustable allows the bather to direct the perfect combination of soothing air and water precisely to a particular muscle group.

Now you can focus that deep rooted hydromassage to the center of your muscles or offset that massage to any angle that surrounds. Inter-Spas has made sure that every spa built comes with directional nozzles in multiple locations turning all of our models in to customizable hydrotherapy hot tubs.

Rollover this picture to view a larger version of  hydrotherapy jets The Typhoon Jet is a superb  hydrotherapy jet

14 Port Rotossage Typhoon Hydrotherapy Jet
is available in the foot well of many of the Inter-Spas models.

This ultra massage jet will ensure the most soothing foot hydromassage as water and air are propelled from the fourteen jet nozzles incorporated in this option.

No matter which series of hydrotherapy jets your Inter-Spa comes equipped with, you will have total control over the hydrotherapy power at each nozzle.