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Hot Tub Filtration is an important feature in every Inter-Spa

Hot Tub Filtration and Purification

Hot Tub Filtration System, Spa Water Level

Filtration System

A three stage filtration system collects large, small and miniscule particles on a continuous basis. Inter-Spas telescoping filtration system continually adjusts with the spa's water level, skimming small particles as they are circulated throughout the water. Pre-filtration baskets below the waterline effectively capture larger debris that would otherwise clog the plumbing below the spa water level line.
Spa Hot Tub Purification System

Water Purification

Most Inter-Spas use ozonators, and dedicated circulation pumps to assist in water purification. When Ozone (O3) encounters bacteria, its third oxygen molecule attaches itself to the harmful invader and oxidizes it. Circulation pumps contribute to water purification by ensuring constant movement of spa water through all of it's filter stages. The low-voltage circulation pump runs on less than 1 ampere - less than the amount of power used by a 100-watt light bulb.
Hot Tub Filter Components for Hot Tub Filtration

Filter Components

All Inter-Spas filters circulate water through at least 50 square feet of tightly woven polyester-based lining. Antimicrobial end caps, designed to improve the longevity of the filter and reduce mildew and odor causing bacteria, support each filter cartridge used. The filter cartridges effectively capture the smaller contaminants that pass through the pre-filtration basket.