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Hot Tub Construction

Hot tub construction Hot Tub Insulation

Foam Spa Insulation

Our energy-efficient full-foam spa hot tub insulation is strategically sprayed throughout the undercarriage to redirect heat back into the spa even during the coldest of temperatures. Then, the spa is wrapped in Reflectix, our signature heat-containing inner lining. Finally, the spa is finished off with a non-porous synthetic wood, another layer designed to keep the heat where it is needed most – inside the spa.
Hot tub construction, Enclosed Bottom Hot Tub

Fully Enclosed Bottom

Most Inter-Spas hot tubs are sealed with an ABS plastic moisture-barrier bottom, preventing insects, small animals and moisture from entering and potentially damaging your spa's components. Additionally, they serve as an additional source of insulation, keeping the heat in and thus reducing the spa’s energy consumption.
Hot tub construction, Hot Tub control

Top-Side Spa Control

Sophisticated hot tub controls by Balboa allow the spa to be almost entirely autonomous. Cleaning cycles are automatically adjusted based on spa usage patterns, keeping the water clean and clear. In addition, the Winter AutoProtect feature safeguards the spa from freezing in the event of a heater failure by automatically engaging the pumps, serving to circulate the water and produce kinetic heat. Balboa Instruments Incorporated
Hot tub construction, Hot Tub frame

Durable Hot Tub Frame

Each Inter-Spa sits atop a rugged frame of pressure-treated lumber, engineered to evenly distribute the water weight and preserve the long-term integrity of the hot tub spa shell. In addition, our shells are fiberglass backed and hand rolled - a system much more durable than ABS backing.
Synthetic Cabinets, Hot tub construction

Antimicrobial Acrylic

Every Inter-Spas Hot Tub and Swim Spa is constructed with Lucite® acrylic surfacing with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause odors and stains. Microban protection is built-in to the acrylic during the manufacturing process to keep the acrylic cleaner 24/7 and will not wash off or wear away. Acrylic Color Options
Lucite Acrylic Hot tub construction, Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection
Synthetic Cabinets, Hot tub construction

Synthetic Cabinets

Enjoy the same look and feel as a traditional wood cabinet without the upkeep and inevitable decay. We use the finest synthetic materials, which are guaranteed not to warp or distort and can be cleaned easily with a hose.
Synthetic spa cabinet options