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Antimicrobial Shell Options

Have you ever gotten in a hot tub with a slippery or slimey surface? What you're feeling is not just water, its bacteria.. ewwwww right? Our thoughts exactly. This is why we utilize only the finest quality Lucite acrylic with Microban antimicrobial protection for the finish of our hot tub shells.

This sort of feature goes a long way for the over all cleanliness of your spa, not ony when it is in use, but it also makes it easier when it comes time to drain and clean your spa. No one wants to scrub away that icky stuff from the shell come time to clean it. Thats just gross! With Inter Spas antimicrobial shells, the bacteria stays off the shell during use, and is forced in to the fitration system where it belongs! No more icky...

*Important Note: We offer the heaviset discounts on what we have in stock which is mostly white or platinum. Acrylic shells of a lighter color have distinct advantages. Not only do they reflect LED lighting more efficiently, but they also do a better job of hiding the resedue left over from fill levels. The resedue you will find at your spas water line is a lighter color by nature and can be a neusance to constantly clean off darker colored shells. Picture white water spots on a black car.

While white and platinum colors encompass most of our volume factory production, the following spa colors are available by choice for new orders and can match just about any décor that surrounds your hot tub.

Roll your mouse over this image to see an enlarged view of Spa Colors Tuscan Spa Colors
Tuscan Spa Color:  Tuscan is a popular spa color because of its warmer marble tone. The elegance of the monochromatic light weaves combine with the earth tones to make this hot tub color truly original.
Roll your mouse over this image to see an enlarged view Inter-Spas Spa Colors Moonscape Granite Spa Color
Sierra Spa Color:  Sierra is a unique spa color that mimics the look of natural granite. This beautiful natural color has an earthy feel with several small flecks of brown, black and gray tones.
Roll your mouse over this image to see an enlarged view of Platinum Spa Color Platinum Spa Color
Platinum White Spa Color:  Platinum white is a classic hot tub color. It is one of the most popular shell colors because it is more compatible with LED lighting, and requires far less maintenance due to it's lighter tone. This neutral color also goes well with a wide variety of home exteriors which makes it far more versatile than more exotic colors.
Roll your mouse over this image to see an enlarged view of Pearl Shadow Spa Colors for hot tub shells Pearl Shadow Spa Colors for hot tub shells - image
Pearl Shadow Spa Color:  Pearl Shadow is a beautiful black with strokes of faded white that weave into the dark acryllic and resemble smoke from a candle or incense burner and gives it some interesting reflective qualities and flair.