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Inter-Spas Hot Tub Features

All Inter-Spas hot tub spas share the same time-tested structural design, durable components, and attractive entertainment. Click one of the hot tub features below to learn all about what sets Inter-Spas apart from other spa manufacturers.

Are you a fan of gadgets? We employ some of the biggest geeks in the leisure industry, which means we've got hot tub stereos, Bluetooth controllers, sophisticated topsides, and many other nifty gizmos to accompany your spa. With our help, you can turn your Inter-Spa from a hydrotherapy machine into the envy of your neighborhood!
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Hydrotherapy hot tub features
Hydrotherapy Benefits
Aquatic Exercise hot tub features
Aquatic Exercise
Spa Led Lighting hot tub features
Spa LED Lighting
Spa Jets hot tub features
Hydrotherapy Jets
Water Purification hot tub features
Water Purification
Quality Construction hot tub features
Quality Construction
Hot Tub Spa Acrylic hot tub features
Hot Tub Spa Acrylic
Hot Tub Spa Cabinets hot tub features
Synthetic Cabinets
Spa iPod Controllers hot tub features
Bluetooth Controllers