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Inter-Spas Hot Tub Warranty

At Inter-Spas, we are committed to the highest possible standards of quality and reliability. In keeping with this commitment, our comprehensive hot tub warranty coverage is provided herein.

Every Inter Spas purchase comes with our full factory warranty of 10 years on the shell and structure, complimented by 5 year coverage on ALL components. Notice there are no limitations in the 5 years. Everything is covered against defect for the ENTIRE 5 years. This is the best warranty you will find online, and often times, much better than what you’ll find in the retail stores. How do we do it? NO outsourcing. NO corners cut. NO prefabrication. Just solid, dependable, 100% American manufacturing. We are proud of our warranty, so guess what? We publish it! Download a copy below for your reference.
Inter-Spas Warranty Download PDF