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Use ecoOne chemicals for a clean spa


  1. Remove and clean cartridge filter with FilterONE.
  2. If necessary, use existing water to deep-cleanse your spa for 1 to 24 hours using approximately 4oz. (113g) of JetONE Fast Acting Spa Cleanser.
    BIGUANIDE NOTE: When switching from a biguanide product,
    drain and refill spa before cleansing and replace cartridge filter.
    NEW SPAS: New spas should be filled and cleansed before starting ecoONE as manufacturer 'wet testing' may cause buildup of mold, or other contaminants.
  3. Drain spa and rinse surfaces with fresh water. Clean spa shell and cover. (we recommend ecoONE® Shell and Liner Cleaner) Refill and drain spa 'well' (center of spa) 2 to 3 times to assure removal of all contaminants from plumbing.

    NOTE: NEVER use household cleaners to clean your spa. They can damage the shell and cause foaming.
  4. Refill spa and heat to operating temperature. Adjust pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness ONLY if necessary.
    pH Range: 7.2 – 8.2
    Alkalinity: 80 - 120
    Hardness: 200+
    VERY HARD or WELL WATER: Many initial water quality issues can be solved by filling your spa using the ecoONE® Spa Pre-Filter. If your water is excessively hard, you may need to use a stain and scale control product.
  5. Add minimum recommended amount of sanitizer or one dissolving packet
    of ONEShock(where available) per 250 gallons (950 liters)

  6. With jets and blowers running, add full bottle of ecoONE® monthly to spa. For heavily used spas, we recommend adding ½ to 1 cap full of ecoONE® Enzyme Active Filter Booster to the filter compartment after each filter cleaning.

AS NEEDED: Maintain lowest recommended sanitizer level
(.5 to 3 ppm generally – follow sanitizer instructions)
WEEKLY: Clean Cartridge Filter with FilterONE
WEEKLY (or as needed): Shock spa with ONEShock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock.
MONTHLY: Add ecoONE® Monthly
EVERY 3 MONTHS(or as needed): Cleanse spa with JetONE, drain and refill.

While ecoONE® eases the oxidation demand on your sanitizer it is not a registered sanitizer. Maintain the minimum recommended amount of sanitizer in your spa. This may range between .05 ppm and 3 ppm depending on your local regulatory agency guidelines.

At minimum, we recommend ozone and shocking weekly with a sanitizing shock such as ONEShock or dichlor.

OZONE:(Highly Recommended) Ozone is the most powerful and, arguably the safest sanitizer available. However, ozone oxidizes very quickly and does not create a 'residual' in the water. A minimum residual of chlorine should be used with ozone systems.
Use with ecoONE®: Shock weekly with ONEShock or dichlor per label instructions to kill any residual or resistant bacteria. May also use non-chlorine shock.

DICHLOR / ONEShock: (highly recommended) Highly effective and 'self-shocking,' ONEShock / dichlor is a balanced form of chlorine that can be used both as a sanitizing shock and residual sanitizer. When used correctly with the ecoONE® system, you will not experience chlorine smell, itching or rashes.

BROMINE: (compatible) Establish initial bromine levels per package instructions. Set floater for minimum dispersal and adjust as needed. Shock weekly with either dichlor, ONEShock or non-chlorine shock.

TRICHLOR: DO NOT USE (white pucks, similar in appearance to bromine) Never use trichlor as a spa sanitizer. It may damage your spa, cause respiratory issues and WILL void most spa's warranty.

BIGUANIDE: (not recommended) Not tested for compatibility.

COPPER / SILVER: (compatible) Copper & silver based products are somewhat effective bactericides for spas. However, in the warm water, 'bacteria-friendly' environment of a hot tub, they should still be used with a chlorine shock such as ONEShock.

“ACTIVE OXYGEN:” (compatible) This is essentially non-chlorine shock being sold as a sanitizer. It is NOT a sanitizer. Works well with ozone. We recommend less expensive, non-chlorine shock instead (monosodium percarbonate or MSP).

MINERAL CARTRIDGES: (compatible, not necessary)

MAGNETS & MISC. GADGETS: mostly harmless – not sanitizers. Scientifically dubious.
Simple spa care tips to “simplify your spa... naturally”

Take a quick, soap-less shower before entering your spa. This will help reduce the workload on ecoONE® and your sanitizer.

AIR IS GOOD: The introduction of oxygen in to the system enhances the efficacy of the ecoONE® system. Leave your jets and air intakes set to the “on” position between spa uses.

CLEAN YOUR FILTER. The ecoONE® system relies heavily on filtration. Regular cleaning of your cartridge filter will keep contaminants from getting back into the spa. For heavy bather load, consider using ecoONE® Enzyme Active Filter Booster.

MAINTAIN SANITIZER LEVELS: Safety first – Bacteria love a warm water environment

MAINTAIN WATER LEVEL: Water should be at least 3 inches above filter intake. Low water levels will lead to cloudy water.

SPA NAKED! Clothing tends to hold residual detergent which may cause foaming. (That's our story and we're sticking to it.)

Never use household cleaning products to clean or maintain your spa. The one exception is baking soda which can be used to raise pH or scrub out stains.

TRICHLOR: NEVER use 'trichlor' as a sanitizer for your spa. Trichlor is intended for use in pools and can cause damage to your spa as well as cause potential respiratory issues. USE OF TRICHLOR WILL VOID MOST SPA WARRANTIES!

AVOID CHEMICAL SOUP: With proper water balance and sanitizer levels, ecoONE® will 'recover' your spa with time and good filtration. Don't overdose with additional products. 24 hours of high filtration with ecoONE® is often as effective as a heavy dose of shock.

AVOID ACCIDENTS: Make sure the little ones use the potty before getting in to the spa. Urine will irrevocably crash your spa water.

NEVER SPA ALONE: (see “Spa Naked”:) While relaxing in your spa is a relaxing and well-being-enhancing experience, it is also a potentially dangerous place. Always use common sense around spa chemicals and electrical appliances. Don't overheat your spa.

Problem Solution
Cloudy Water
  • Clean cartridge filter with FilterONE
  • Shock spa with ONEShock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock
    (allow 24 hours for product to 'catch up' and clean filter)
  • Increase filtration cycle
  • Increase sanitizer level
  • Check pH (7.2 – 8.2) and alkalinity (80 – 120)
  • Clean cover with ecoONE® Shell and Liner Cleaner – rinse completely
Foamy Water
  • Almost always caused by the introduction of soaps to the spa.
  • Follow “cloudy water” solutions
  • Discontinue use of filter cleansing products other than FilterONE®
  • Run spa with cover off and jets and blowers on full – scoop out foam.
  • Add two caps full ecoONE® Enzyme Active Filter Booster to filter compartment, set spa to max filtration cycle and allow product to work for 24 hours.
Green Water
  • Algae (unlikely in covered spa)
    • Shock spa with ONEShock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock
      (allow 24 hours for product to work, then clean filter)
  • OR
  • Dissolved coper present in water.
    • Refill spa using ecoONE® Spa Pre-filter
    • Use a product such as “Metal Gone” and clean filter after 24 hours
Brown /Black / Orange Water
  • Dissolved iron in water
    • Follow instructions for “Green Water”
  • OR
  • ecoONE® has loosened contaminant buildup in plumbing.
    • On rare occasions, the JetONE cleansing process does not completely remove all contaminants from plumbing. Cleanse spa with JetONE, drain and refill.
Yellow Water
  • Generally left over from biguanide conversions
    • Shock spa with ONEShock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock
      (allow 24 hours for product to 'catch up' and clean filter)
    • If yellow water persists, you may have to repeat the JetONE cleansing process
Itching / Rashes
  • Shock spa with ONEShock, dichlor or non-chlorine shock
    (allow 24 hours for product to 'catch up' and clean filter)
  • OR
  • If itching or rashes persist, you may have a skin issue that requires medical attention. Most ecoONE® users find that, when used as directed, ecoONE® solves their itching and rashes
    DO NOT UNDER-SANITIZE your spa – this can make the problem worse.