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Swim Spa Shipping

What kind of shipping are you looking for? Curbside Shipping, or Placement Delivery?

Whatís the difference???

Curbside shipping: A giant truck shows up at your house, and parks at the end of your driveway. Itís up to you to either move the swim spa yourself, or hire additional help which ranges from $500 to $1,000 for a swim spa.
Placement delivery: The seller of the swim spa not only ships the spa to your residence, but also delivers the spa directly to your backyard. This service is limited upon access to your property and other variables.
If you look around on the Internet, you may find SOME swim spas for sale with free shipping. Sounds amazing! Well guess what? Itís not. They drop it off on your curb...

Do you have equipment at your disposal... Do you own a forklift, or a backhoe? Is your last name Schwarzenegger? Is your last name Norris? Well, unless your fist name is Arnold or Chuck, good luck moving 2,500 lb. swim spa off a truck and in to a backyard.
   Come on, at least you know
     we have a sense of humor!
At Inter-Spas, we make it easy! We offer full placement delivery to our happy, stress free customers. We take pride in our swim spas, and we prefer to use our certified swim spa movers to handle them with care. Isn't that what you would prefer?

Remember, we are the factory, and we sell swim spas in high volume. This is nothing but good for you as the consumer, so depending on availability and marketing incentives, we may be able to...
....Wait for it..... Include delivery in the price!

Donít wait any longer, letís get you closer to your dream of owning a new swim spa!

*Placement delivery options apply to qualified areas, fill out the form below to see if you qualify!