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Inter-Spas Hot Tub Reviews

I hope my review helps other people when considering an Inter-Spa

Here is my review of the Monticello Inter Spa; After I climb in to the soothing hot water I fire up both pumps full blast and try out each seating position starting with the lounger. The lounger was much relaxing and guessed that this would be the best seat in the house. However, the next corner seat (with the neck jets) was unbelievable! The rest of the seats where great too, all having different therapeutic functions. Obviously the jets are strategically placed after some sort of research. A great feature in regards to these jets it that the pressure can be adjusted on each individual one so you can customize your spa. This is nice because after a while, I like to turn things down when I soak. Keep in mind that the only thing I have to compare this to is my friends 10 year old Dimension One round party tub and my inter-spa is 10 times nicer according to my friend and my own opinion. During my wet test I also tried out the LED lights since it was still dark outside. You guys certainly went the extra mile on this feature…VERY nice! ...(read more)

Youngstown, Ohio

One of the best investments I have ever made

I have had my Inter Spa for 2 years now and have found it to have been one of the best investments I ever made. I have also advised everyone who has had any Interest in buying a spa to buy an Inter spa. They have an outstanding sales and service and will answer any question that arises.

Lynchburg, Virginia

The customer service we received was nothing short of spectacular

After much research, we decided to purchase the Monticello spa. The customer service we received was nothing short of spectacular and the spa has exceeded our expectations! You won't find a better hot tub price online with all of the features on this unit. We would definitely recommend Inter Spas and want to especially thank Don for all of his assistance!

Walnut Shade, Missouri

The guys that delivered it were great!

We had our Franconia hot tub delivered in August. The guys that delivered it were great! Very professional, cutreuos, and accommodating. They set our hot tub exactly where we wanted it with no problems. We immediately had it filled and have been using it ever since. We absolutely love the spa and are so thankful we found these guys online at such a cheap price from their factory. Thank you Inter Spas!

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

I would highly recomend Inter-Spas to anyone

I would highly recomend Inter-Spas to anyone I ordered the Alexandria hot tub spa, and it was far more than I expected. It is great! Very well insulated, and the jets have a lot of power. I was concerned on the curb delivery, but it came so well wraped and protected in shipping. Matt and his crew have always been available for any questions I had, no matter the weekend or night, always got a response and not forgotten. I would highly recomend Inter-Spas to anyone. You get much more than you will expect! The LED lights are rockin'! Thanks again Matt!   Rating: 5.0

Austin, Texas

Up and running in less than 10 days from order to relaxing in BEAUTIFUL New Inter Spa.

My Emporia Hot Tub was delivered less than a week after ordering it over the phone at Inter-spas and a great customer service rep named Matt. Three of us with the help of the semi truck driver scooted the hot tub that was attached to a palate onto my truck. I drove the truck around to the back wooden deck and we scooted it from the truck to the deck. It weighed approximately 1,000 pounds, but with 4 strong men was easily managable. $500.00 to have 50amp wiring run from the box around 60ft to the hot tub and a disconnect box 5ft from hot tub. I built up the strength of my deck with treated 4 by 4s sitting on 12 inch square pyramid concrete blocks from Lowe's.

I was up and running in less than 10 days from phone order to relaxing in this BEAUTIFUL hot tub. I can't say enough about this unit. Lounger is more shallow than any hot tub I have used in the past and is therefore easier to lay in without floating out of it. The corner seats offer neck jets that are just incredible. The foot massager is an absolute must on any unit. For those with planters fasciitis, you know what I'm talking about. The array of lights are nothing I've seen on any unit. I especially enjoy the color changing option, blue, red, green, yellow, violet, white. I can honestly say I didn't think I wanted the stereo, but this unit with the pop up speakers sounds incredible with deep bass. This has been a great experience so far. Thanks to Matt for being so helpful. My Best....

York, South Carolina

I would recommend Inter Spas to anyone

I would recommend Inter Spas to anyone looking for a great deal. The choices are endless and the hot tubs are the best value out there. I have had my tub now for just over 4 years and its still going strong. The only thing I’ve had to replace is the cover. Everything else is all about relaxation.

Erie, Pennsylvania

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